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New Entry and Visitor Management System

Date: December 31, 2021

There is going to be a lot of changes that happen with security in The Resort very soon. Rather than overwhelm everyone with too much detail, I thought I would break it down into digestible chunks and spread it out over a few updates.

Access Control System:

    - Securitas will soon begin installing the new controllers on the entry gates
    - These controllers will be triggered automatically by a very small weatherproof RFID tag that is placed on your headlight
    - When that RFID tag gets within 25 feet of the controller, the gate will open automatically
    - The RFID Tags will cost $5 and you’ll need one for every car in your household.
    - There will be an email blast that comes out asking you to register your cars. That registration will require your address, the License Plate info for each car and the primary driver for each car. RFID tags are unique to the car you register them for so, it is important that the right tag goes on the right car.
    - The fee for the RFID tags will be added to your HOA account as FOBs are currently.
    - Tameka will be onsite a couple of days and I can be available on a couple of days for homeowners to come by and pick up your RFID tags at the Golf Course.
    - The preliminary plan is to disable all FOBs at all gates on January 15th , 2022. That date may change if we have issues getting people signed up for the RFID tags.
    - Also, during this transition, we will be removing the sign on the construction gate keypad. The access code currently used will be disabled. Each builder in The Resort will be given their own unique code and it will be the responsibility of each builder to make sure their suppliers and contractors have their unique code. We can change these codes as needed.

Visitor Management System:

    - The VMS will be an app on your phone. It will be your way to tell Security what they need to know about your Visitors and Contractors
    - Avoid phone calls and handwritten passes. We are modernizing your process for letting visitors into the community with the new Visitor Management System. Residents can create and email temporary electronic QR code passes to their guests. This allows for easy entry into both attended or unattended gates, as guests simply scan their smartphone to gain access. At the gatehouse, guards can easily create and print passes complete with property directions.
    - Another feature, which is optional, is to register your pet and provide your pet’s vet info. This way, if the pet gets loose, we know where it belongs and if it is injured and we cannot reach the owner, maybe we can get in touch with the vet.

The Goal of both systems is to make sure we better control who has access to The Resort. Please be patient! I have hopes that things will go flawlessly but, I am not willing to bet money on it. We will do our best to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. MAKE SURE YOU ARE REGISTERED TO GET EMAILS WITH THE HOA!

Please fill out the attached form and return to Essex to register your vehicles and secure your RFID vehicle stickers.

Click here to download and complete the Gate RFID Access Form-The Resort

The Resort at Eagle Mountain Lake HOA

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