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Traffic Safety

Date: September 17, 2020

Over the past number of months we have received an increasing number of calls from residents who have expressed concerns about speeding and traffic safety within The Resort. Many residents are exasperated with vehicle operators driving at speeds noticeably higher than the posted limit of 25mph and with drivers passing pedestrians and bicyclists dangerously close at these higher speeds.

As you know, The Resort is a No Sidewalks community with private streets literally built around and within a golf course. Pedestrians, bicyclists, and children are constantly walking, jogging, and playing on our streets. In addition the amount of on-street parking has been increasing which adds to this issue.

Our community has had an enviable safety record over the past 20 years and as a community we need to do everything possible to preclude the risk of a serious accident ever occurring.Your HOA Board has listened carefully to the large number of contacts from all areas of the community, including a resident Security & Safety Committee formed earlier this year, and has decided that implementing the following courses of action are needed to do everything within our community’s power to reduce the risk of a serious injury or worse occurring on our streets:

First, we are making an appeal to all residents to conform to the posted 25mph speed limit. Nothing else will have more of an impact in reducing the risk of accidents than each of us being mindful of our speed at all times.

Second, we are making an appeal to all residents to slow down below the 25mph speed limit, or stop if necessary, when passing pedestrians, bicyclists, and children.

Third, we have authorized the addition of stop signs at selected intersections to reduce traffic speeds. The new stop signs are scheduled to be installed within the next week or two.

Fourth, the usage of additional signage is currently being reviewed:

    Slow Down, Children at Play
    Warning, Limited Line of Sight, Slow Down
    Warning, Golf Carts on Road

Fifth, the usage of additional items such as radar sign units and speed camera units are also currently being reviewed.

Sixth, We are aware that contractors, vendors, visitors, service providers, etc. are all a big piece of the traffic flow within the community and are reviewing the use of a sign at the main gate to insure that all vehicle operators are aware of our traffic rules.

Notice: All Vehicle Operators – Speed Limits 25mph. Violations can result in suspension of vehicular access. The Resort is a NO SIDEWALK community. Drivers must slow below speed limit when passing pedestrians.

In the final analysis each of us has a big role to play in keeping our community safe and secure. Please help us help you.

The Resort of Eagle Mountain Lake Board of Directors

The Resort at Eagle Mountain Lake HOA

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